See shocking resemblances between African American celebrities and historic images of Africans curated by Jessi Jumani

Buzz Online

Oct. 22, 2020

In a world where African people dominate the earth prior to all other races, our facial similarities are bound to transcend before seas and country borders. Yes, it is very easy to identify the national features of some East Africans, West, Central, and Southern Africans.

However, these features are diverse and heavily found amongst Africans that moved out of Africa during historical times, and social media cultural curator Jessi Jumani is bringing some of these facial similarities with African American celebrities and historical African pictures to life.

Jessi Jumani is an afro anthropologist, cultural curator, on social media that has been amazing people with his cut and paste work linking some of the most successful, notorious, and famous African American celebrities to pictures that were taken 30, 40, and even sometimes more than a 100 years ago.

His artwork is compiled of various powerful messages more than that is facial feature similarity cut and paste, however, that work has seen him match the likes of Billy Porter, Tenya Tailor, Queen Latifa, and much more. See it all below.

Wu-Tang Clan and No Limit Records

Billy Porter, Tenya Tailor, Queen Latifa,

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