Top Four Fastest Women Of All Time


Jan. 19, 2021

Some of the fastest runners in the world are professionals. These professionals go extra mile to make sure the break the record ahead of them and even set a new record. These runners are some of the fastest people on earth. Here are some of the fastest women in the world.

1. Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner

Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner also referred to as Flo- Jo was an American track and field athlete. She is the fastest woman of all time; the world records. She became very popular in international track and field events due to her record- setting performances and flashy personal style. She has a personal best of 10. 49 seconds for one hundred metres (100m) race. She set this record in 1988 for the 100m race and also holds the record for 200m. She died on the 21st of September 1998.

2. Carmelita Jeter

Carmelita Jeter is a forty one years old retired American sprinter, who specialized in the one hundred meters (100m). She was the 2011 IAAF World Champion in the 100 m and a three- time Olympic medalist. She was an award winning sprinter as she won the 100 m bronze at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics and a gold at the World Athletics Final. She won a second World Championship bronze. She has a personal best of 10. 64 seconds for one hundred metres (100m) race.

3. Marion Jones

Marion Jones also referred to as Marion Jones- Thompson , is a forty five years old Belizean- American former world champion track and field athlete and a former professional basketball player for Tulsa Shock in the WNBA. She won three gold medals and two bronze medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Later on, she was her medals were taken away from her after admitting to steroid use. She has also won multiple world championship. She has a personal best of 10. 65 seconds which is the third best time for women' s 100m sprint race.

4. Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce

Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce is a thirty four years old Jamaican track and field sprinter who competes in the 60 metres, 100 metres and 200 metres. Widely regarded as one of the greatest sprinters of all time. She has world multiple world championship medals as well as Olympic medals. She has a personal 100m best of 10. 70 seconds which is ranked forth best of all time.

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